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Could the virus save us all?

The coronavirus is scary and life as we know it is shutting down as a result, in so many ways. Conferences, concerts and large events are canceled. Corporations are asking people to work from home. Schools are closing. Large gatherings of people everywhere are being postponed. Travel is limited.

Yes, this is inconvenient and at times even fatal to business and to schools, to companies and to concert halls.

Yet the irony is that this might give the planet a much-needed break. Less travel, less pollution, no carbon footprint, no waste. No resources to be used up unnecessarily. Working from home, no one needs gas, prices drop. Factories close. Cruise ships dock.

Yes, this affects our financial lives and the economy will suffer.

And many people will become ill.
And, tragically, many will die.

But this global pandemic will also shift things on the planet — worldwide. It may make a difference. It may change things. It could actually affect our environment and even our climate in a radical way. Even if things shut down, change, for a short amount of time. It could help the planet we all live on to take a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Another bonus? With no one shaking hands, afraid of passing the virus, we may instead learn to bow to one another.

We may bow our heads to each other, to say namaste, to put our hands in prayer in front of our hearts and honor each other as humans, all of us in one connected experience, each of us seeing the soul in the other, taking a brief moment to acknowledge that we are all in this together, on one planet, the rich and the poor, the old and the young, all nationalities. All sharing this experience on our one sick and dying planet, all trying to survive. All trying to get better. Do better.

To all of you who are sick or suffering may you be safe and stay healthy. To all of us,


Tammy Nelson PhD is a Certified Sex and Couples Therapist, a TEDx speaker and host of The Trouble with Sex podcast. She is the author of The New Monogamy.

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